U.S. Grant a slave owner, and Lee an abolitionist?

Summary: Social Media has seen a lot of Civil War related discussion in the last few years. One argument, is that US General Grant was a Slave owner, and Confederate General Lee was not. They both were to different extents, and here is the details. Ulysses S Grant Grant was born in Ohio to an […]

Could This Happen if a President Were Impeached?

Summary: If any President were to be impeached, convicted, and removed from office, would the Vice President be able to move into the position of President, pardon the President, appoint him as Vice President, then step down making the former President president again This post is somewhat related to the last post, about Obama being […]

Unemployment and the Labor Participation Rate Explained

Summary: Unemployment isn’t the same as not working, 94 million people out of work (or unemployed, depending on the meme) is a reference to the number of people considered “Not in the Labor Force” Labor Force is a metric of Labor, but people not in the labor force are not considered unemployed. Labor Statistics can […]

Tax Racism? Is Al Sharpton Able to Avoid Prison?

Summary: Al Sharpton owes back taxes, claimed to be $4 million+, but since neither the IRS or Sharpton has ever released an official amount, it’s unknown how much but it is known he owes some amount. The other three people in this image committed crimes, they didn’t just owe back taxes, and they served time […]

Deficit Has Only Been Reduced By Two Presidents in 50 years?

Summary: This makes the claim that there was only a reduction in the budget deficit under these two presidents over a 50 year period. In fact, at least one year in every presidency from 1967 until 2017 had a reduction from the previous years deficit. Presidents and Reduced Deficit Clinton and Obama were the only […]

Impeachment History Facts and Case Studies

Summary: There have been two US Presidents impeached, and one almost impeached but resigned before the House could pass the Articles of Impeachment. Of both Presidents impeached, both were acquitted. No president has been convicted under Impeachment. Over the last few years, and now especially since Hillary Clinton was chosen as the Democrat Party Nominee, there […]